OU Asst. Coach Cale GundyResigns ...Uttered 'Shameful And Hurtful' Word In Meeting


1:01 PM PT -- Despite multiple former and current Oklahoma players coming to Gundy's defense, Venables said in another statement on Monday that accepting the coach's resignation "was the right thing to do."


"He chose to read aloud to his players, not once but multiple times, a racially charged word that is objectionable to everyone," Venables said, "and does not reflect the attitude and values of our university or our football program."


"This is not acceptable. Period."

Longtime Oklahoma assistant Cale Gundy -- who's been helping coach the Sooners football team for over two decades -- has resigned ... after he says he uttered a "shameful and hurtful" word during a team meeting last week.

Gundy explained the situation in a lengthy statement on his social media page Sunday night -- saying he inadvertently used the word while reading off a player's iPad in a film session.

"I instructed my players to take notes," said the 50-year-old, who had just been tapped this offseason to coach the Sooners receivers this year. "I noticed a player was distracted and picked up his iPad and read aloud the words that were written on his screen. The words displayed had nothing to do with football."

He continued, "One particular word that I should never -- under any circumstance -- have uttered was displayed on that screen. In the moment, I did not even realize what I was reading and, as soon as I did, I was horrified."

Gundy did not say which word he used, but he did say it was "shameful and hurtful."

"The unfortunate reality is that someone in my position can cause harm without ever meaning to do so," Gundy said. "In that circumstance, a man of character accepts accountability. I take responsibility for my mistake. I apologize."

Gundy -- whose older brother, Mike Gundy, is Oklahoma State's famous head coach -- leaves his position with the Sooners after having coached the team in some capacity every year since 1999.

The former OU quarterback initially joined Bob Stoops' staff in '99 as a running backs coach. In the ensuing seasons, he held multiple different roles -- and had just been retained by new OU head coach Brent Venables this offseason.

"It's with sadness that I accept Coach Gundy's resignation," Venables said Sunday night. "He's dedicated more than half his life to Oklahoma Football and has served our program and university well."

"We're thankful for that commitment. We also acknowledge that in stepping aside he's placed the program and the welfare of our student-athletes first. In coaching and in life, we're all accountable for our actions and the resulting outcomes."

Ex-Sooners star Joe Mixon took to Twitter following the news and defended Gundy -- saying the coach "is not a racist in any way nor has a racist bone in his body, mind, or soul."

L'Damian Washington will now serve as the interim receivers coach.

Originally Published -- 6:16 AM PT

Josh AllenRips Autograph Seeker Over Football Throw... 'Disrespectful!!!'

A Bills Mafia member took things way too far while trying to get a Josh Allen autograph out at Bills camp this weekend -- and the QB was so mad over their attempt to get him to sign a football, he screamed at them.

The incident with the Buffalo superstar was all captured on video ... when the 26-year-old signal-caller was jogging into the locker room after practice on Sunday.

Waiting for your permission to load TikTok Post.

You can see the Pro Bowler was waving at fans -- when a football still in its original cardboard packaging was thrown at him.

Allen didn't have time to swat it away, and it caught him square in the groin. Immediately afterward, he stopped in his tracks, and scolded the fan who appeared to hurl it his way.

Allen, while pointing into the stands, called the fan "disrespectful" repeatedly.

Waiting for your permission to load TikTok Post.

Stefon Diggs ran into a similar incident while out on the field Sunday as well -- as several fans threw jerseys and footballs at him to try to get his John Hancock.

The 28-year-old wideout was stunned by what he saw, but he kept signing anyway.

This ain't the first time we've seen fans go over the top for pro athletes' autographs this year ... just last month, a grown man was seen on video getting pushy with kids at the MLB All-Star game while trying to get a few things signed.

Let's keep it classy, everyone.

Kourtney & TravisFlying Commercial Works for Us ...What Carbon Footprint???

Intentional or not, Kourtney Kardashian's one-upping her kid sister by traveling like the masses and doing better by the environment ... just as a bunch of celebs -- including her kin -- catch heat for huge carbon footprints.

Kourt and her husband, Travis Barker, flew commercial on Alaskan Air for a trip from LAX to Spokane, Washington earlier this week. We're told Penelope and North were also on board.

They appeared to keep the whole thing lowkey, putting on their masks and hoodies. We know they have a home in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, and Spokane is the nearest airport. So, it's likely they'll be spending some time there.

Of course, commercial cruisin' isn't exactly her family's M.O. lately. Remember, a recent report by Yard, a marketing agency, called out celebs polluting the air by taking private jets.

Kim Kardashian and Travis Scott were among the celebs to make that list -- and, as we reported, Kylie Jenner's carbon footprint has also been a hot topic after she posted a shot of her and Travis with his and her private jets.

She also got flak for reportedly using her PJ to go shopping less than 30 miles from home ... just to dodge L.A. traffic.

It's safe to say Travis and Kourtney are doing what they can to stay off the planet polluters list!

Deshaun WatsonBan Likely To Increase To At Least 12 Games... Ex-Browns GM Says


The NFL's appeal of Deshaun Watson's six-game ban is really bad news for the QB ... so says former Browns GM Michael Lombardi, who tells TMZ Sports he now expects the suspension to increase significantly.

The league announced on Wednesday it was appealing the rulingSue L. Robinson handed down on Monday -- but it has yet to publicly specify the punishment it truly thinks Watson deserves for his alleged sexual misconduct with female massage therapists.

But, Lombardi tells us he believes Roger Goodell and the league will be looking for at least 12 games ... and is almost certainly targeting a full-year suspension for the 26-year-old Cleveland star.

"I know the league wants a year," said Lombardi, who was the GM for the Browns in 2013. "They've made that pretty clear to all people that they leak information to. They're negotiating off a year -- we know the Players Association wants six games. Do they settle on 12? I don't know. I think a lot of this comes down to the simple fact, who's going to win in federal court?"

Lombardi tells us based on Robinson's ruling, the NFL will likely win in court -- which means The Shield has most of the leverage here ... and should ultimately get what it wants.

As for how the Browns' org. should feel about it all -- Lombardi says it can't have buyer's remorse ... because it had to have known what it was getting into.

"I mean, it was out in the open," he said ... "The key in scouting and being in the front office is to learn more about the player before you acquire him than after you acquire him and if they didn't do that, then shame on them."

Former New Jersey attorney general Peter C. Harvey has been tapped to hear the NFL's appeal -- and while there's no deadline for him to make a final ruling, it is expected to come down sooner rather than later.

Kevin FederlineMe & Britney's BoysAre Purposely Avoiding Her

Kevin Federline is spilling the alleged tea about his kids' relationship with their mom, Britney Spears -- saying their boys don't want to see her right now ... for myriad reasons.

The singer's ex-husband -- with whom she shares two boys, Jayden and Sean -- did a wide-ranging interview with DailyMail ... portions of which are apparently going to be aired on ITV this coming week. Still, some juicy quotes surfaced in the print version of their story.

For starters, Kevin says their sons are deliberately choosing to avoid Britney right now. He doesn't give a clear-cut reason or explanation in DM's post -- but there are hints that they might wanna keep their distance over a number of things, including Brit's behavior of late.

He says, "The boys have decided they are not seeing her right now. It's been a few months since they've seen her. They made the decision not to go to her wedding," going on to add that they were happy for her and that they still wish their mother the best.

One possibility for why they're keeping her at arm's length ... it's actually Britney's constant social media posting -- her nudes, specifically -- that have caused her teenagers embarrassment. KF says he's tried to explain it away, but it's hard on them regardless.

Kevin goes on to say the very public nature of the conservatorship battle has been difficult, generally speaking, and he's tried to shield them from it/the spotlight as best he can ... despite their constant questions about it over the years, some of which he couldn't answer.

He also says Jamie Spears "saved her life" -- and that he'd welcome their grandfather back into his and their life at large, despite the drama that's gone down between them recently.

Anyway, back to Britney. Kevin also had this to say ... while the boys would visit Britney amid her conservatorship, they saw things that made him (and presumably them as well) fairly uncomfortable, but he declines to go into detail with DM.

In light of that, though, as well as her recent lashing out on social media ... he says Sean and Jayden have reached their decision -- and that choice, for now, is to stay away.

Kevin adds, "They tried to give her the benefit of the doubt but at the same time, I can tell that sometimes, it hurts to be in that position. So, I made sure all my kids can come to me at any moment and discuss anything. The boys -- all my kids -- know that they come to me and to my wife and discuss anything."

The implication, it seems ... this level of trust can't be reached with Britney. Britney and Kevin, of course, share custody of the teens, but KF has them a majority of the time.

Travis ScottHeadlines First Arena Concert... Since Astroworld

Travis Scott is back in a big way -- the guy headlined his first big solo show since the Astroworld tragedy ... making his official comeback across the pond for Britons.

The rapper is performing an arena concert Saturday at London's O2 -- where he's doing two shows this weekend -- hitting the stage at around 9:30 PM local time. No introductions were needed ... TS just dove right into his set standing at the top of an elevated platform.

Trav was decked out in some futuristic costume with shades on ... and almost immediately, he cranked the energy level in the room up to 10 -- like he normally does for his shows.

After running through a couple songs up there, he made his way down ... where he kept the hype up. The audience seemed to be rocking with him all throughout. BTW  -- the place is absolutely packed, including in the nosebleeds ... and everyone looks to be vibing so far.

So far, nothing too crazy is going on. Yes ... Travis is screaming/jumping around, per usual, but he doesn't appear to be encouraging anyone to lose their minds beyond what they're already doing. He's literally just performing and staying in his element -- so it's all kosher.

Also ... Kylie Jenner and their daughter Stormi are present for Travis' big day. Trav just dedicated a song, "Mamacitas," to her, saying he knew she was there in the building.

Like we said, this is Travis' first solo performance of this scale since last November. He's obviously performed publicly since then -- in smaller venues and even via cameos at music festivals here in the U.S. -- but this is a big deal ... 'cause it's billed as strictly a Travis gig.

He's going to be headlining some other major events later this year -- including a festival in South America -- and he even has a Vegas residency all set up for him too next month.

Story developing ...

James Franco as CastroCasting Defended by Producer ...After Leguizamo Bashing

James Franco has been cast as Fidel Castro, something John Leguizamo says is an outrage ... but the film's producer's punching back, albeit with an explanation that's a bit confusing.

The news was announced this week that JF would be playing the late Cuban dictator, who came to power in the '50s and ushered in Communism. It sounds like James is going to portray a somewhat younger Castro ... and, of course, it's gotten some double takes.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Leguizamo was perhaps one of the most vocal critics, writing ... "How is this still going on? How is Hollywood excluding us but stealing our narratives as well? No more appropriation Hollywood and streamers! Boycott! This F'd up!"

He adds, "Plus seriously difficult story to tell without aggrandizement which would b wrong! I don’t got a prob with Franco but he ain’t Latino!"

So John's beef seems to be with the fact that a dramatized film about Castro can't help but humanize him, which he thinks is wrong considering FC's notoriously harsh regime ... but more importantly, James is a white dude. So the casting is already off to bad start, per JL.

Welp, he's just plain wrong on this one ... so says a producer of the film, John Martinez O'Felan, who tells THR that John's missing the big picture. What that larger point is, though, doesn't really come through all that well in JMOF's explanation, to be frank.

He says, "A guy like John Leguizamo has historically been looked up to by Hispanics as one of America's earliest actors of Latin descent since the 90s and I've always admired him as a fellow underdog. But his comments are culturally uneducated and a blind attack with zero substance related to this project."

O'Felan goes on to say ... "The reality of the ignorance piece falls within his statement suggesting his personal view on being 'Latino,' because a land mass or living area does not determine a person’s blood history or genetics."

He continues by saying Jon's words are "a great talking point because they represent the same confusion and identity crisis in Hollywood right now within the Hispanic community in America who are arguing that we should only identify as Latin, which is mostly because of the falsehoods being spread by the actors who are supposed to be representing us, but instead create division amongst their own people." Uhhh, what???

Yeah, it's a word salad of a response -- but from what we can gather ... he just doesn't have an issue with James being white, maybe 'cause Castro had Spanish roots. It opens a can of worms on whether Latinos can be considered white racially ... and yes, they technically can.

And for those pissed about the inauthentic casting here, that argument is sorta deflated now with the casting of Ana de Armas as Marilyn Monroe, another iconic historical figure, but on the American side. ADA still maintains traces of her Spanish accent in her performance.

If most everyone's cool with that, then presumably ... James as Castro is a-OK as well, right?

Travis ScottKylie & Stormi Take London to Support... Countdown to First Big Show

Travis Scott is just hours away from performing his first major solo show since Astroworld ... and he's got some important people there to support him as he takes the stage.

Kylie Jenner and the couple's daughter, Stormi, have been in London with TS all week -- doing some shopping, dining and spending some time together. The show is a big deal for Travis, so you gotta imagine he's enjoyed some family time leading up to it.

Unclear if Kylie and Travis' 6-month-old son made the trip, but he's old enough to fly ... so it's possible he's just been staying with nannies while mom, dad and big sister hit the town.

Travis is scheduled to perform two sold-out shows at London's O2 Arena Saturday and Sunday night ... a venue that holds about 20,000 people. A source close to Travis tells us he's, "excited to deliver for his fans in London by being back, thriving on stage."

We've seen Travis pop up at nightclubs and perform a song or two during other artists' sets, but the O2 shows will mark his first solo shows since November at Astroworld.

Travis has taken a lot of heat for the 10 deaths that occurred at the festival, and is fighting a mountain of litigation ... but has seemingly been greeted with open arms by music fans and those hoping to score some of his merch and collabs he's released since the tragedy.

Travis and his team have maintained the rapper had no idea of the severity of what was unfolding in the crowd as he performed for 50,000 people at Astroworld.

Zac EfronSlammed By PETA... After Appearing In Ad With Captive Bear

PETA is putting Zac Efron on BLAST after appearing in an ad campaign with a bear that has spent its entire life in captivity.

The org is urging Zac to "come down to Earth" and recognize that bears belong with their families, not on screen ... according to Debbie Metzler, PETA Foundation Director of Captive Animal Welfare.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

She thinks Zac, who's been named Chief Brand Officer for Kodiak Cakes, forgot to ask Tank the bear an important question in his latest ad for the company -- "How wrong is it to use a captive bear to promote 'keeping bears wild'?"

BTW -- 27-year-old Tank was born in captivity and was taken from a breeder at just 6 weeks old ... he was featured on the Discovery+ Show, "Man Vs. Bear."

Kodiak Cakes is running a limited-time collab with Zac, where a dollar-for-dollar match of their "Keep It Wild" merch will go directly to the Vital Ground Foundation, a nonprofit that supports the preservation of wild grizzly bear habitats.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

PETA, however, clapped back at the promo saying ... “It’s hypocritical to exploit one animal to potentially help another. No true conservation group would ever force captive animals to perform tricks for the camera in order to raise awareness about their wild counterparts.”

The org is calling for the ads to be removed or replaced with CGI ... adding Zac should be able to make that call after taking on his influential role in the company.

ALEX JONESMust Pay $45.2 Mil in Punitive DamagesTo Sandy Hook Parents

The hits keep coming for lyin' Alex Jones ... a jury just ordered him to shell out $45.2 million to the parents who lost kids in the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary.

The money is for punitive damages ... and it's on top of the $4.1 million a jury in Austin, TX already ordered the "InfoWars" founder to pay to plaintiffs Scarlett Lewis and Neil Heslin.

The same 12-person jury came back with the $45.2 million figure Friday, and it includes $20.5 million each to Lewis and Heslin for mental anguish caused by Jones claiming the shooting was a hoax.

The remaining $4.2 million in punitive damages is for defaming Heslin in 2 reports where Jones questioned the father's account of holding his dead son.


The trial's been full of drama ... like when an attorney for the parents revealed Jones' own lawyers accidentally sent them all of his text messages, catching AJ in an apparent lie.

Jones was not in the courtroom Friday when the punitives were announced. He's still facing 2 other trials from Sandy Hook parents ... so he could be on the hook for a lot more money when it's all said and done.

Anchorage PD2 Officers Found in ViolationFor Selfies with 'White Privilege' Card Driver


Just to be clear ... Anchorage PD frowns upon cops joking and taking selfies with potentially impaired drivers who flash a "white privilege" card -- instead of a driver's license -- as identification.

Yeah, this is actually a thing that happened. The dept just announced its findings after investigating the July incident where officers pulled over Mimi Israelah at 3:30 AM for weaving. She recorded video, which she posted but since deleted, showing officers Nicholas Bowe and Charles Worland laughing as she presented the novelty I.D. card.

One of the cops said it was "hilarious." Many people online had a much different reaction when Israelah's video went viral -- they were outraged and called on law enforcement in the Alaskan city to do something.

For the record, the cops said Israelah showed no signs of impairment, and they didn't give her a ticket -- but lots of folks thought they just let her off because they loved her gag.

If nothing else she could've been cited for not having a license on her while driving.

On Thursday, Deputy Chief Sean Case said, "We recognize that the [Facebook] post, what was contained in that post, caused a bit of a public uproar, and there were a lot of people that saw that and did not like that post."

While the 2 officers were found to have violated department policy, Anchorage PD wouldn't go further into specifics ... nor would they say what punishment, if any, they're facing.

Both officers are reportedly still employed with the department.

Trevor NoahGriner's Sentence Is 'Bulls***''Get The F*** Out Of Here'

callin' out Russia's bs
Comedy Central

Hours after Brittney Griner was sentenced by a Russian judge to 9 years in prison ... Trevor Noah went IN on the foreign country -- dragging Vladimir Putin, whilecalling Thursday's ruling complete "bulls***."

Noah held nothing back on "The Daily Show," accusing Russia of using Griner and her drug trial as political pawns to gain leverage on the U.S.

"We all know Russia doesn’t care about what Brittney Griner did," Noah said. "This is the same country that’s breaking every human rights law on the planet, but they’re like, ‘That woman has vape cartridge. She’s real criminal.'"

"Get the f*** out of here, man!"


Noah went on to repeatedly call Thursday's ruling "bulls***."

The comedian, though, did say there is a sliver of positive news to come out of Griner's sentence -- the U.S. and Russia can now seemingly begin prisoner swap talks earnestly.

And, Noah's clearly all in favor of giving the country whatever it wants to get the WNBA star back.

"Yeah, it seems like they win, but don’t forget, that person now has to live in Russia," Noah said. "Yeah, yeah. They’ll get there and be like, 'This whole country is prison. I miss food in Alcatraz, no!'"

Griner's Phoenix Mercury teammates, meanwhile, honored their star center with a 42-second moment of silence before their game against the Connecticut Sun on Thursday night.

Players from both teams linked arms during the pregame ceremony -- and at the tail-end of it all, an arena-wide "Bring Her Home!" chant broke out.

Griner will have the opportunity to appeal her sentence -- though in all likelihood, her only way of getting out of Russia before the end of the 9-year sentence is through a prisoner trade.

Disney World 'Toy Story' HugCharacters Need to Embrace Kids of All Races... Says Fam in Viral Video

The family behind the viral video of Woody and Jessie from 'Toy Story' making sure to hug their kids at Disney World say their experience needs to be the norm for all children ... regardless of race.


The parents, Candice and Harold, say they didn't know about the controversy swirling right now about costumed characters at other venues allegedly snubbing Black kids. They merely posted video because they were glad their daughter, Hayyn, got a hug from her favorite Disney character.


The parents say Hayyn would have been happy to get a wave from Jessie -- and it was a huge bonus when Woody flagged down Jessie to give the little girl a hug.

Hayyn was waiting on Jessie for the whole parade ... even wearing a Jessie dress, while holding Jessie and Woody dolls.

Of course, after posting their video they became aware of the allegations at Sesame Place and Chuck E. Cheese, and Harold and Candice say everyone's child deserves at least some kind of acknowledgment -- even if it's just a wave or blown kiss from their favorite character.

Instagram / @__jodiii__

As we've reported, there's now a class action lawsuit filed against Sesame Place in Philadelphia.

There's no doubt that case helped fuel online interest in Hayyn's Disney World hug -- a prime example of how these interactions should ideally play out ... for all kids.

Wiz KhalifaSits with Envy & Drama ...Apologizes for Nightclub DJs Rant

Wiz Khalifa's finally breaking his silence about his angry tirade toward a pair of L.A.-based DJs inside a nightclub ... and he's admitting he was outta line.

During a special edition Breakfast Club interview on Friday, DJ Envy took it upon himself to interview Wiz alongside DJ Drama to rep for all the turntablists worldwide … who may have been bothered at the sight of the star rapper trashing their backup support.

For his part, Wiz didn’t hide behind his celebrity, admitting he wasn’t too big to say he was sorry.

“I apologize to anybody I’ve offended … sincerely,” the Taylor Gang CEO said to kick off the interview, before explaining what went down, from his POV.

According to Wiz, he was booked at club Poppy in WeHo to promote his new album, “Multiverse,” but when it came for his time on the mic, the song order -- which his team sent beforehand -- was outta wack. Also, other songs not included in the setlist randomly popped up during the performance.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Wiz admits that's when he lost his cool -- but in the aftermath, he's taken a lot of heat from the tight-knit DJ community, perhaps most notably from Kid Capri … who actually had a hand in staging the Breakfast Club summit.

Envy says Capri called him asking for Drama’s number and shortly after, the interview was set.

Wiz says he reached out to the DJ, Mikey Danger, multiple times … we have as well.

It sounds like everyone just had a bad day. Back to the "Multiverse!"

Tyler PerryI Don't Want To Talk Race with My 7-Yr-Old Son Yet!!!

Tyler Perry won't be having "the talk" with his son any time soon, because despite increased racial tensions in the country ... he doesn't want a 7-year-old to have to think about those issues. Not yet.

Tyler opened up about this critical parenting decision, during an interview with AARP -- yes, he's over 50 -- where he said he wants to wait as long as possible to talk to Aman about race and racism in the world.

He explained, “I don’t want to tell him that there are people who will judge him because of the color of his skin, because right now he’s in a school with every race, and all these kids are in their purest form. When he describes his friends, he never defines them by race”.

In case you didn't know, Tyler had Aman with model Gelila Bekele, and although the couple reportedly ended things back in 2020 -- after more than a decade together -- they are happily co-parenting.

"The talk" ... as all Black American families know it ... has been a big topic in society in the wake of George Floyd's 2020 murder -- so, Tyler's approach is interesting. The sad fact is most Black children can't be shielded from the harsh reality of racism, but Tyler would be the first to say he's in an extremely fortunate position.

He says, "the moment [Aman] loses that innocence is going to be a very, very sad day for me" ... but, he acknowledged the day will come eventually, since his son is already asking tough questions.

More than anything ... Tyler says he wants to have the talk so his son will not tolerate injustice, and work to make a change in the world.

MonkeypoxU.S. Asleep at the Wheel in Responding ... Report

There is growing evidence U.S. health officials ignored obvious signs monkeypox would become a health emergency, especially when it came to stockpiling vaccines.

The U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services had significant stockpiles of the vaccine but simply didn't have the foresight to bottle it so it could be quickly distributed ... this according to New York Times sources.

And, there's more ... there's a small company in Denmark that manufactures the vaccine worldwide, and the U.S. was so slow in putting in orders to bottle the vaccines ... the company gave hundreds of thousands of does to European countries ... doses that had been initially earmarked for the U.S.

So now, with more than 7,000 reported cases in the U.S. and counting, the government is distributing just over a million doses, yet it will take a minimum of 3 1/2 mil minimum to fight the outbreak. And, it gets worse ... the U.S. has ordered 5.5 million additional doses, but only half a million will be delivered this year, and not until October. The rest won't be delivered until 2023.


Dr. Ashish Jha, the White House COVID-19 Response Coordinator, was grilled on CNN Friday about the U.S. response, and he struggled to explain why the U.S. was slow in responding.


Dr.Anne Rimoin, a UCLA professor of epidemiology, said on "TMZ Live" Thursday she has been studying monkeypox in Africa for 2 decades and this was a slow-moving train that inevitably would make its way to the U.S., yet officials were asleep at the wheel.

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