What Chris Rock And Lake Bell’s Body Language Says About Their New Relationship, According To An Expert

FYI: Not everybody hates Chris.

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Chris Rock and Lake Bell are official!

ICYMI: The Harley Quinn star and Saturday Night Live alum first sparked dating rumors when they were spotted at a Cardinals game together in St. Louis, Missouri back in June 2022. According to TMZ, there were no signs of PDA, but “they were definitely sitting together.”

The two were then spotted dining (ahem, on dates) in Santa Monica, California over the 4th of July weekend. They began with dinner at Giorgio Baldi, and then grabbed Sunday brunch at Coast Restaurant in the same neighborhood. TMZ dubbed these outings as the couple going public.

A couple of days later, a source told Us Weekly that “Chris has been in a really good mood,” since he started “dating and spending his downtime with Lake Bell,” confirming the ‘ship.

Most recently, the couple has been spotted vacationing together in Croatia, as evidenced by photos obtained by Page Six. Romantic boat ride? Yeah, these two are definitely more than friends.

Both Chris and Lake are navigating dating after coming out of long-term marriages. Chris split with ex-wife Malaak Compton-Rock (whom he shares two daughters with) in 2014 after 18 years of marriage. And Lake split with ex-husband Scott Campbell (whom she shares two children with) in October 2020 after seven years of marriage.

The divorcees seem to be having a great time together (and, TBH, good for them).

According to the same insider who confirmed the relationship to Us Weekly, they laugh together a lot and “have similar personalities.” And body language expert Karen Donaldson, who analyzed the couple’s hand placements and gestures over the last few weeks, confirmed that the comedic couple is certainly on the same wavelength.

Meet the expert:Karen Donaldson is a celebrity communication and body language expert, certified confidence coach, 2x best-selling author, and international speaker.

Ahead, discover what Chris and Lake’s body language reveals about their relationship.

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1Chris and Lake are fully in sync.
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Chris and Lake are subconsciously mirroring each other, says Donaldson. They are walking in tandem, and stepping with the same foot. “This signals that they see themselves as equals,” she says. Read: There’s no ego in this partnership, and they have mutual respect for each other.

Lake also has a “Duchenne smile” (a genuine smile that reaches your eyes, and causes wrinkling at the corners), Donaldson adds. This shows that she’s having a good time, and she enjoys Chris’s company.

2They’re very attracted to each other.
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In this image, Chris is standing in front of Lake and using his body as a physical shield—blocking the view and access to her. Now these two are most likely just being playful, but Chris’s stance can also signal a sort of protectiveness over Lake.

What’s even more telling about their relationship is how close Lake stands behind Chris. Lake is minimizing the space between them, meaning she has a high physical attraction to him, says Donaldson. “The higher the attraction, the less space there is between two people.”

3They always want to be close to one another.

Chris and Lake are holding hands, palm to palm, maximizing their skin-to-skin contact, which shows that they desire to be close to each other no matter where they are, says Donaldson.

Their fingers are also intertwined. “When people interlace their fingers, they’re saying, ‘I’m into you,’” Donaldson adds.

However, Chris has a firmer hold than Lake, and also seems to be leading the walk they’re on, which may signify that he’s more serious about the relationship than she is.

4Chris is protective of Lake.

In this image, Chris walks almost a full stride ahead of Lake. Donaldson notes that this can signal one of two things: Either he is taking the lead, both physically and possibly in the relationship, or he’s clearing a path ahead for safety. Translation: Chris is very protective of Lake.

Lake is also reaching out to Chris here with her left arm, meaning she wants to be physically closer to him at the moment.

5They’re on the same page.

Chris walks ahead of Lake, and they’re not very connected physically, Donaldson notes. “They appear to be on a mission as evidenced by their non-engaging facial expressions.” Nevertheless, these two are stepping with the same foot, which again shows they’re on the same wavelength.

This interaction appears more friend-like and casual than romantic, Donaldson adds. Which makes sense considering this is still a new ‘ship for them, and they may still be getting to know each other.

Only time will tell what the future holds for this couple, but for now they seem to be really enjoying each other and, hey, that’s a major green flag in my book.

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