Aug. 17, 2022


Public health

Health officials stress that at-home tests are a vital and accurate way of tracking COVID-19 infections but an initial negative test doesn’t mean people are out of the woods.

Hollywood agency scandal

Palisades Media Group said it shut down due to lack of cash. Now, former employees are questioning why the CEO’s stepsons and housekeeper were on the payroll.

Verdict Overturned

Lawyer Robert McKenna III bragged of his work in an online video, saying the case involved ‘a guy that was probably negligently killed, but we kind of made it look like other people did it.’

California's controversial law

The charges filed against the driver underscore how California law remains split over what defines justice for pregnant women whose babies die before birth.

Incentives for EV buyers

For California consumers thinking about going electric, the Inflation Reduction Act could tilt the math in favor of nabbing that new Model 3 or F-150 Lightning sooner than later.



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